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ESC 320A Speed Controller

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When connected with motor, it is capable of supplying up to 320A(forward) 160A(backward) or 270A(brake)of continuous motor current.
Its integrated Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) powers the receiver from the motor battery.
With automatic cutoff of the motor power to preserve receiver power as the battery becomes depleted.
Automatically find the central location.
High frequency drive system.
Use low internal resistance field effect tube.
It is small and powerful, which can be used for different type of ship or car.
High voltage, cut electricity protection function.
This is a good electronic speed controller for your RC model.

Using 3 S (12 V) max is 380 motor.

Using 2 s (8.4 V) max is 540 motor.

Material: PCB+Rubber
Color: As shown
Size: About 43x29x27mm
Working Voltage: 6-12V
BEC Current: 5.6V 2A
Internal Resistance: 0.0076m ohm
Continuous Output Current: 320A (Forward), 160A (Backward), 270A(Brake)
Powered by: Battery(not included)

Package Included:
1pc x Brushed Motor Speed Controller


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