DumboRC 10A Brushed ESC 2s/3s 12V Dual Way Speed Controller

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1. Support 2 to 3S battery, continuous current 8A, peak 10A, BEC output 6V 1.5.
2. Support 130-180-270 series brush motor.
3. Integrated light group can realize the linkage simulation of steering, reversing and headlight
4. The LED interface has the function of voltage anti reverse insertion, which will not burn the product, but it can not be used normally. If it is replaced correctly, it can be used normally

5. Electric adjustment can set two-way and fixed wing one-way mode for vehicle, and vehicle can be set with or without brake.



Welcome to use our two in one electric regulator.
This electric regulator integrates light control, which can realize left
and right turning, reversing and headlamp effect, and meet the basic
needs of lamp modification. It does not need to purchase additional
separate modules, which can save the interior space of the model car. It
only needs to insert the lamp into the corresponding needle, reducing
the trouble of wiring.


CH2: electrically modulated signal line (6V output, supports high voltage)
CH3: enable / disable control signal
LED: connected to headlights (5V output)
M1: Coupling motor
BUZ: beep (low voltage signal)
Power : Connect the battery

Item Size:35*21*13mm

Item Weight:11g


Two types of connection:
Car controller:
CH2: 2 channels
CH3: 3 channels
LED: Headlights
M1: engine
Buz: Low Voltage Alarm
Aircraft control panel
CH2: 3 channels
CH3: Connecting a two-stage switch
LED: light lamp
M1: engine
Buz: Low Voltage Alarm
Lamp control:
The output voltage of the channel
connected to the LED is 5 V, which can be used as a high-level drive
relay of the module. Can be connected to LED light, can also be used as
an external switch with a high degree of reproduction.
Low voltage signal:
Automatic identification battery 2 S /
3 S, the default alarm voltage of 2 S batteries is 7.2 v, and the
default alarm voltage of 3 S batteries is 10.7 v

Package information:
Package size:10*5*2cm
Package weight: 14g
OPP bag package

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