HobbyWing QuicRun 2435 4500KV Drone Motor

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1.1 Featured by its large torque, QUICRUN-2435 motor suits for various 1/16 &
1/18 vehicles, especially buggies and monster trucks.

1.2 Composed by high quality components: exquisite aluminum alloy motor
shell, heat-resistant wires and magnets, and long-life bearings.

1.3 With high-quality gold-plated connectors have already been soldered on, all
these made QUICRUN-2435 motor a plug-and-play masterpiece.

2.1 Screw Spec

a) Two types of screws are suitable for the installation of QUICRUN-2435 motor: M2.6
(diameter=2.6) and M3 (diameter=3.0).
(This motor has 3 pairs of screw holes on the front end bell, 2 pairs are 2.6mm in
diameter, and 1 pair is 3.0mm in diameter)
b) Depth of screw holes: QUICRUN-2435<=4mm.

2.2 MOtor Spec
Model: QUICRUN-2435
KV: 4500KV
LiPo Cells: 2-3
Resist: 0.0498ω
No-load Current: 1.5Amp
Max. Output Power: 150W
Current at the Point of M.O.P: 33Amp
Outer Diameter/Length: 24mm / 36.5mm
Diameter of the Shaft: 2.00/14mm
Poles: 2
Weight: 73g
Application: 1:18,1:16 On/Off-road/ Truck /Monster

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