Hobbywing UBEC 25A HV 3-18S Drone Module

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Basic parameters:
Input power: 3-18S lithium battery
Output current: 25A (instant 50A)
Output voltage: 5.0V / 6.0V / 7.4V / 8.4V

Metal shell to help dissipate heat and reduce electromagnetic interference; DC-DC regulator chip, with the design of the electricity
Road hardware, conversion efficiency of 90%; 25A continuous output current (instantaneous up to 50A), to meet a variety of application needs.
External independent switch, can open and close UBEC; Wide operating voltage range,
The main power supply is 3-18S Lipo; the output voltage is adjustable in the fourth gear (5.0V / 6.0V / 7.4V / 8.4V)
Can meet different voltage requirements; up to 8 parallel output;
Built-in LED indicator, real-time display UBEC working status and abnormal information.
With UBEC pass-through protection, avoid mains power input during UBEC accidental damage
Direct voltage to the UBEC output, damage to the output connected to the electronic device; with over-current
Protection, output short circuit protection, overheat protection, low voltage protection and other functions, safe and reliable.

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