NX3 Flight Controller 3D Flight Gyroscope Balance

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Input voltage: DC5 - 6V, directly connected to the ESC's BEC power supply can be use.
Operating Current: 18mA
Working temperature: -20 Celsius to 85 Celsius
Dimensions: 25 × 40mm
Net Weight: 6.5g

Humanized design, independent potentiometer adjust for different axis sensitivity
Optional - Three-mode switched from controller,

1 - normal stability mode,

2- gyro off mode,

3- calibration.

Micro design, small size, supports single aileron model, V-tail model, delta wing model and dual aileron

(flaperons) aircraft - Can also be used for 2 - axis on jets using 2 servos for ailerons and a servo on the

elevator or if the jet uses 2 servos only, one serving the left aileron and elevator, and the other

servo serving the right aileron and elevator, it can be set to a delta wing.

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