Snowman Antenna 5.8GHz FPV Antenna

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All of the inner needle, send the hole adapter, an antenna, each transmitter can use!
Biggest hobby is to do their own antenna. Of course, image transmission antennas should do it yourself. Final shape weighs only 4 grams of fried toughness is not a bad hand antenna.
Suitable for race through FPV. It has a very good transmission.
With each antenna are handmade, all through the value of 180,000 R & S top analyzer for analysis, manual adjustment.
Small antenna, powerful. Spike the market most of the brand antenna.
Has good toughness, super-resistant fried.
The only drawback may be produced for a long time, you can only do a few every day.
This antenna is designed for installation in lightweight cross machine. It is recommended that the machine acts as a radiation antenna.
Please use the receiving end of a variety of original antenna with a black stick, better double reception, a cross-pricked antenna placement.

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