Tarot TL100D07 1655 TL100D10 1760 Drone Propellers

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Tarot TL100D07/1655 TL100D10/1760 High Efficiency Folded Propellers Paddle Set 16 Inch/17 inch CW CCW Props for Multi-axle Drone

Product manual:
The 1760 high-efficiency folding cw ccw paddles use a new optimized airfoil design and high-strength engineering materials to ensure good flexibility and wing stability, achieving over 10% efficiency gain and ample power reserve. Suitable for multi-axis multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles such as four-axis and six-axis. A mold made by the Swiss MIKRON five-axis machining center.

Related product number:
1760 CW high efficiency folding paddle TL100D08
1760 CCW high efficiency folding reverse paddle TL100D09
1655 CW high efficiency folding paddle TL100D05
1655 CCW high efficiency folding reverse paddle TL100D06
1760 High efficiency folding front and back paddle set TL100D10
1655 high efficiency folding paddle holder set TL100D07
16/17 inch folding paddle holder / red TL100B20
16/17 inch folding paddle holder / black TL100B19

Product parameters:
Total length: 207MM
Diameter: 17 inches
Weight: 23g/PCS
Center hole diameter: 3.0mm
Mounting thickness: 5.35mm

Product specifications:
Metal folding paddle holder upper seat × 2 (61 × 12 × 3MM) 3.0g
Metal folding paddle holder lower seat × 2 (61 × 18 × 5MM) 5.0g
M3×11.3MM bushing screw 0.6g×4
M3×8MM semi-circular head screw 0.4g×4
1760 high efficiency folding paddle × 2
1760 efficient folding anti-paddle × 2
Teflon gasket × 8 (8 × 3 × 0.5MM) 0.05g

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