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XT150 AMASS Connector Adapter 6mm Male/Female Plug High Rated Amps

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1.Precision molds processing

2.Stepped card slot design, trapezoidal merging and split design make the plug disassembly more convenient

3.Non-slip design at housing tail

4.Groove slot design of tail can contain 8-10awg silicone-line

5.Super inflaming retarding PA, high temperature resistance, make a longer life

6.6.0mm lengthened and thicked gold plated banana plug, can be sustained a constant current 100A, 120A high current peak for 10 seconds

7.Housing can be merged and splited at any time, can be inserted and pulled separately, reduce the obstruction when inserted or pulled meanwhile, humanized design

1 x XT150 Male connector
1 x XT150 Female Connector

2 x Plastic cases ( pls choose 1 color for it)

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