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ZMR Bidirectional 20A Brushless ESC

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Bidirectional 20A 2-4s UBEC 2A 5V
it can operate at 12V DC power supply.
This product adopts imported components, full power test.
It can be used in cars, ships, underwater thrusters.
Bidirectional 1:1 power output, no brake, direct reverse, quick response, good handling.
No need to calibrate throttle stroke, plug and play.
All products contain UBEC output.
1. When using, the remote control throttle remote lever must be in the middle position, otherwise it cannot start.
2. There is no need to calibrate the throttle stroke. When the electric adjustment is started, if the motor starts to rotate, you can use the remote control to fine-tune the throttle to stop the motor.

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