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March 04, 2019 1 min read


When shopping around for a drone you will often come across acronyms such as BNF, RTF, PNP and ARF. They are important terms to remember because they tell you how the drone will be configured when open your brand new drone.

Almost ready to fly (ARF) 

This means the drone will come as a kit and may require some assembly and parts. They usually do not come with a transmitter (controller), battery or receiver. Check the pictures and description of the drone carefully to see what it comes with. It is for people who have the knowledge, skills and tools to complete the drone assembly and requires additional elements to fly.

Bind and fly (BNF) 

These drones usually come with everything you need except a controller. When considering a BNF drone you need to ensure that your controller will be compatible with the receiver the drone comes with.

Ready to fly (RTF) 

This is a complete package that allows you to just charge the batteries and fly. Most entry level and aerial photography drones come RTF. The main consideration when looking at RTF drones is whether the controller is mode 1 or 2.

Plug and Play (PNP) 

These come assembled and requires you to provide and ‘plug in’ a receiver, battery and have a compatible controller. The advantage of this type of drone is you can use your preferred battery and Rx/Tx (receiver / transmitter) brands with the drone.

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