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Matek Mini Power Hub Power Distribution Board PDB with BEC 5V / 12V

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2oz copper 4-layer PCB, guarantee a large current;
Dual Synchronous Step-Down BEC, 5V continued 3A, 12V continuous 2A (maximum 3A) output;
Battery power transfer pads arranged in pairs, easy to wire;
Illustrated and camera voltage multiple-choice, set signal line;
BEC inputs are TVS protection against the impact of high voltage DC spark plug when the battery chip;
With Naze32, CC3D flight control size, weighs only 6g.
Note that the input polarity, do not enter the reverse, short!
To obtain a stable BEC 12V output, battery required 4 ~ 6S.
When using 3S batteries, BEC 12V is not working properly, you can select "VCC" for the camera and transmit power.
Do not touch the electric points behind the plate carbon fiber plate, easy to short circuit. Please isolation mounting nylon column.

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