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Air-Dropping System for DJI Mavic

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1. Suitable for mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Drone or Mavic pro only, not fit other drone.
2. Carry the Fish Bait,food,and so on.Even when your propose to your girlfriend,the ring would come out romantically.

Net weight: 77g
Package weight:148g
Maximum load 500g
Built-in battery capacity 150 mAh
Standby time is about 12 hours
Charge once to open about 500 times
Self-charging time 1.5 hours

( ON and OFF is controlled by the servo , the servo is controlled by light sensor. You can control the light on the arm of the drone through the “C1 button” on the back of the DJI controller. Lights's on and off will control the light sensor switch. )

So , the remote control distance of the Mavic 2 drone is your effective operating distance.

Safety precautions:

Please read the following tips carefully before using this product:

1.It is prohibited to use this product to throw toxic and hazardous materials.

2.It is prohibited to use this product to throw prohibited articles by local laws and regulations.

3.Do not mount magnet or magnetic metal(iron,cbalt,nickel) to avoid interfering with geomagnetism and disordering lfight control system.

4.When using this product to mount the articles, the load of the drones will be increased,and the endurance time will be reduced.Please pay attention to fight safety.

5.If you need to land the loaded drone after taking off,please discard the load first before landing.

6.Pay attention where you drop cargo to avoid damage or injuries;

7.When using this product,remember to turn off the visual positioning system in the DJI APP(refer to the user manual for detail)

8.After turning off the visual positioning system,landing and vertical obstacle avoidance is dramatically affected.Always land in a safe environment.

9.Do not open sports mode when using this product.
Packing list:
1 set thrower

1.Does not include Drone
2.For safety consideration, please do not carry overload weight

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