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F19540 JMT Ardupilot Arduplane Pitot Tube

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Ardupilot Arduplane Pitot Tube Special for APM 2.5 2.6 Arduplane Airspeed Sensor


Ardupilot Arduplane Pitot Tube for APM 2.5 2.6 Arduplane Airspeed Sensor

(No Sensor, Please ready separately, Only the Pitot Tube)

Ardupilot Arduplane difference pitot airspeed APM2.5 2.6 meter special. The new design, installation more convenient.
APM APM play wing essential for ASI tailored difference pitot tube

When you airspeed sensor placement of aircraft using the pitot tube kit. The kit includes two tubes, a static tube (port sealed, the side with small holes) and a dynamic tube (straight tube, no seal). Two tubes can be placed side by side.
On EasyStar, you need them to pass through the cabin before the bubble, so that they can be exposed to the gas stream. Ensure that the tubing on the side of the hole is not covered. They should extend at least one centimeter head. First, the pitot tube is connected to the back of the silicone pressure sensor. From straight out of the silicone tube should be connected to the top of the port connected to the elbow out of the bottom port. On the bubble drill or cut a small mouth, pushed to the front of the pitot tube.
If the front of your propeller aircraft, dynamic pipe must be mounted on a wing, or at least in the bottom of the fuselage, in order to avoid the propeller airflow. Static tube can be safe anywhere.

Check operation

You can use APM Planner or other ground stations to read airspeed count. Blowing tube to the airspeed was observed in response to the situation. In still air are zero and the small value of the oscillation (2-3) normal. Square root of the change in airspeed with pressure, so changes in the near-zero pressure differential are very minimized, while in flight requires more pressure to change the speed of change in estimate. If you see mostly 0,1,2, occasionally bounce into 3 or 4, that it is normal. In flight you will not see such changes.

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