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Lipo Parallel Balanced Charging Board XT30 XT60 T Plug

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This product is designed for simultaneously charging multiple lithium batteries (including Lipod, Life and Lion) in parallel. It is convenient to charge and balance 6 lithium batteries at the same time when used with a balance charger, which shorten the charging time significantly since all batteries have been balanced at the same time instead of balancing batteries one by one.


Balanced output cable is 20AWG silicone cable, and main input cable is 14AWG soft silicone cable (400 cores), which can bear 200℃.

PCB copper foil(FR-4 1.6 board, 20Z copper) can support 30A current.

Coming with short circuit protection function (with 40A fuse).

Can be used with all kinds of chargers( IMAX B6 / B8, UN A6, etc.)with balanced interface to provide balance charge less than 6 lithium batteries (6 batteries of 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S)that have same cells at the same time, which can avoid replacing the battery repeatedly.

The overall voltage is more balanced and the difference of average voltage is smaller after the individual cells have balanced.

Compared with 6 times balance of single charge, once balance can shorten the charging time greatly, which has 6 times charging current and only needs 1/6 charging time with 6 battery packs in parallel.

Can supply balance charge for 1-6 batteries (containing Lipod, Life and Lion) in parallel and support 3 parallel charging boards for combined use to charge 18pcs batteries with the same nature simultaneously.

Can avoid overcharge of single battery to improve the balance efficiency and balance the charging cycle.


Material: Metal

Color: As Pictures Show

Plug Type: XT60 / T Plug

For Battery Cell: 2-6S

Weight: 153g

Type: RC Accessory

Function: Charging Multiple Lithium Batteries Simultaneously

How To Use:

Connect the two ends of the 6S cable to the balanced terminals of the balanced charger and the balanced charging board.

Connect the power supply terminal of the balanced charging board to the output terminal of the balanced charger.

Connect the battery to the battery panel. Insert the balance head first, and then connect it to the battery output terminal.

Package Includes:

1 x Parallel Charging Board

1 x 6S Cable

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