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MUSTOOL MT8206 2 in 1 Intelligent Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter

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MUSTOOL MT8206 emphasis on functional combination for field testing process, not to replace the meter. It reflects the high-tech, using a dedicated chip has, as the wave function, you can view the waveform signal 20KHz within. As a large number of measuring instruments waveform, you will find MT8206 is the most affordable one, spend the price of a multimeter, you can have a table can be seen, as the wave of the waveform, value for money!

1.Analog Bandwidth : ACV/DCV/ACA/DCA 20kHz , 200k high-speed A/D sampling
2.HD Display Screen
3.Digital multimeter with 41-segment analog bar display,200k high-speed A/D sampling,4000 counts auto-range(can be selected manually), one-button switch of graphical waveform display during measurement
4.High reliability with panel calibration technology and memory calibration, sparing the need for adjustment with potentiometer
5.Storing 100 sets of data and 10 waveforms independently
6.Capable of holding waveform and data during measurement,easy to view and analyze
7.Realizing one-button automatic waveform capture,operator-friendly to learn and operate
8.Displaying historical data and real-time measurement on the same screen with unique record reading mode for easy comparison
9.Effectively eliminating lead resistance, distributed capacitance or interference signals with relative value measurement (clearing)
10.Extending battery life with automatic shutdown function
11.Featuring DC/AC voltage/current, resistance,capacitance/mF (large capacitance)
12.Frequency/duty cycle, diode/continuity test
13.Frequency measurement with 5Hz ~ 5MHz automatic switching range and the maximum input of 380VAC
14.10A AC and DC current measurement with protection against voltage error
15.Capacitance double gear design 0.1nf-100uf gear position: convenient for small capacitors to measure quickly
16.10mf gear position: high capacitance and high accuracy are guaranteed

Silent mode:

Innovative design of the one-button "silent mode", quiet in mastery

In the off state, press and hold the SELE button for two seconds to turn it on to enter the “silent mode”;
In the off state, press and hold the SELE button for two seconds to turn it on again,it will exit the “silent mode”.
When the meter enters the "silent mode", all beeps and prompt tone will be turned off.

Automatic sleep:

Avoid the instrument sleeping in the background and use the battery to cause over-discharge of the battery.
The meter without operation for 15 minutes (no rotary switch and button operation) will automatically enter the sleep state;
Turn the rotary switch to OFF and then turn it on again, the meter will enter to normal measurement state.

When the Instrument is in the off state, press and hold the AUTO button for two seconds to turn it on again , then the “auto sleep” function can be cancelled.
In the off state, press and hold the AUTO button for two seconds to turn it on and then release it to resume “auto sleep”. features.

Tips The main chip and the power of screen display are only turned off when the meter is automatically turned off, but there is still a part of the circuit working, which will have an operating current of about 4 mA.

ACmV small signal waveform measurement:

ACmV small signal waveform measurement, you need to manually select the ACmv range first, then long press the "SELE" button to enter the waveform display.
Press the“AUTO” button to realize one-button automatic capture fuction and display a stable waveform.
When the frequency more than 10 kHz, the one-button automatic capture time will be longer.

Package Included:
1 x MT8206 Unit
1 x Bag
1 x Pair of Probes
1 x English User Manual
1 x Package Box

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