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Rc Brushless 30A ESC 2-4S Electric Speed Controller

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Extreme use:

Continuous current 30A, instant 35A, 40A for 10 seconds.

Dimensions / weight: 45 * 24 * 11 (mm), 25 grams (including line)

Voltage range: 4V-16V

Number of batteries: 2-4LIPO (4LIPO does not allow BEC output)

BEC output: 2A continuous, (instantaneous 3A)

2LIPO 4-5 Miniature Servo

3LIPO 3-4 micro servo

Protective function:

Automatically select 2-3LIPO, the protection voltage is 6V/9V respectively;

Automatically select NIMH, the protection voltage of each section is 0.8V;

Safe start, throttle position is not allowed to start;

Temperature protection, 110 degree surface temperature shutdown;

Out of control protection, no signal stops after 1 second.

Performance description:

The upper limit of the speed is 210,000 rpm in 2 poles, 35,000 rpm in 12 poles, and 42,000 rpm in 14 poles.

8KHz PWM control with speed control curve.

Automatic throttle adaptation for more remote control devices.

With BEC, the MCU separates the power supply and works more stably.

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