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Z51 RC Plane

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RC Airplane Plane Z51 20 Minutes Flight Time Glider 2.4G Flying Model with LED Hand Throwing Wingspan Foam Plane Toys for Kids


Color: gray

Single box weight: 582G

Product size: 40*66*13CM

Color box size: 43*21*12CM

Outer box size: 74*45*66CM

Wind blade diameter: 5.6CM

Body battery: 3.7V 450MAH

Flight time: 20 minutes or so

Charging time: 60 minutes or so

Remote control battery: 3*5 battery

Remote control distance: about 150 meters


3 channels, low power protection, built-in gyroscope;

Rise, drop, move forward, turn left, turn right.

Ready to take off:

Ground takeoff: Choose a 5-10 meter runway, push the throttle to the maximum against the wind direction, and the aircraft will automatically take off after a certain distance.

Throw the hand: Hold the middle part of the fuselage with your hand, push the throttle, and throw the plane back in the air in a parallel direction. Do not tilt the airplane.

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